Hi i'm William Smith

Im a full stack developer with a preference for Ruby on Rails on the back-end, with some experience in both PHP and node.js. As for front-end technologies; my preference in CSS preprocessors is Sass, specifically SCSS, I tend to use Bootstrap a lot as it saves time compared to custom designs, and I have found handlebars.js useful for templating.

As for the bigger JavaScript frameworks I have followed tutorials and created trivial SPAs in React, Angular, and Backbone but have yet to decide on one. For now it seems my time is best spent working with vanilla JavaScript; so that when it is time to choose a framework, I will pick it up quickly thanks to my solid understanding of JS.

My text editor of choice is Sublime Text, due to its extendability (as full featured or barebones as necessary). I use npm to manage packages and Homebrew for software. This website was built using Ruby on Rails and is hosted on Digital Ocean using Unbuntu running NGINX and Unicorn.